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Participate in research studies that need Veterans!

If you are interested in participating in research at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, here is some important information for you to review:

What is a research study? These are organized ways to learn more about a problem or to answer a question, such as testing a product to see if it works, finding out what health care practices work best, or to see if a certain drug therapy helps a veteran become well. There are different types or stages of studies that you can participate in – Phase  II, II, IV or observational studies.

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Support us by volunteering your time and energy!

Why volunteer? While no one can predict the exact outcome of the study or how it might affect you, your participation may provide valuable information that helps to improve the lives of others in the future. 

Who protects your rights? The VA Office of Research & Development’s Center On Advice and Compliance Help (COACH) offers free educational materials and support. You can reach this Office at (202) 461-1814, or click here. 

What is Informed Consent? Informed Consent is the process of learning important facts about the research study before you decide to volunteer to participate. Once you fully understand the facts about the research study, you will be asked to sign a form that will indicate your consent to be a part of that study. You should take your time when you read the information found on the form, and talk with your health care providers, family members, and friends before you make a decision.

If you are interested in supporting us through volunteering, please Contact Us to learn more about how you can help WISE’s efforts to advance the care for our Veterans’ education and research initiatives. Specifically, learn more about opportunities to help volunteer at various events in WISE’s community, such as our Open House.