WISE Chicago

Working with WISE

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Impacting lives

Partnering with WISE enables us to implement projects and services that help address the “unmet medical need” of the Veterans and their families we serve, empowering our communities to achieve better public health outcomes.

Customer Service

Our service is personalized, not institutional. WISE’s Grant Manager is a dedicated PhD Bioscientist who stewards each private investigator through every step of the study process, including post-completion use of any unobligated funds. WISE’s advantage is its ability to both hire staff and buy equipment quicker and easier than the VA or academia.

Outstanding Facilities

Jesse Brown’s state-of-the-art facilities include the area’s only barrier-free VMU, with rows of bench research space ready for use. Partnering with WISE provides access to collaborators in the Illinois Medical District and surrounding academic medical center partners.



Our administrative cost rate is set at only 26% to encourage industry sponsors and scientists to choose VA medicine over other, more expensive options.